Hooked on a feeling!

Hooked on a feeling!

As a marketer and brand strategist, I look at the world around me for inspiration in my projects.  A healthy dose of curiosity and a need to understand who, what, when, where and how helps me to unleash my creative juices.  When I couple this creativity with market research and data analytics, wonderful things happen.

I find one important aspect of effective marketing strategy by today’s standard is understanding the consumer experience.  Customer experience marketing does not focus on “selling” but strives to meet or exceed customer expectations and deliver personalized experiences, thus creating brand loyalty.

Branding alone can no longer influence when and where consumers decide to spend their hard-earned dollars.  Consumers buy based on experiences.  The consumer viewpoint will be heard and will drive positive or negative reactions.  Building a customer centric framework to enhance touchpoints in the consumer journey is essential.   Mobile, social, IoT, etc are components to help marketers shape engaging platforms for the ultimate brand experience.   This framework between consumer and brand is a valuable connection with marketing insights for continuous improvement.

Marketing strategy can no longer ignore this aspect of engagement.  Negative customer experiences can tarnish a brand’s reputation and this can result in lost revenue. Creating “memorable” and “wow” experiences helps consumers to connect with brands in new and innovative ways.  Brands must stay in sync in order to thrive.  CX marketing is here to stay!

So, the next time you engage with a brand as a consumer, ask yourself “how does this make me feel?”

Lisa Graddy


Twitter: @lgraddy